How It Started

I started Tasterie, I’ll be honest – mainly out of frustration. I was a pediatrician and a mom of a toy poodle puppy that had allergies. It was simply too tiring to keep finding find food that I could introduce him to.

The lack of allergy-safe and great-tasting dog food products available is ridiculous! As my pup grew, we stuck with what was safe. But how boring is that? We wanted him to also discover and explore flavors like other normal pups. And that’s when Tasterie was born.

What Is Tasterie

I wanted to build a company that did three things incredibly well:

Provide great-tasting dog food from vendors all over the world that met rigorous allergen testing/manufacturing protocols.

Encourage a healthy and nutritionally balanced lifestyle for our furry friends regardless of their food allergies, intolerances, or other dietary preferences.

Provide a service that was so easy, convenient, and delightful that it would seamlessly become a part of daily lives.

How We Do It

We search the globe to find the most amazing foods and treats that fit food allergy and dietary needs. I place safety as our top priority. We have a rigorous selection process developed by vets and industry experts. This quality-controlled, multistep process has been peer-reviewed to make sure that it is as thorough as possible. My team and I are out there doing the best we can to bring you and your furry ones safe foods & snacks. They will be tasty too. Believe me; you won’t eat anything that my furry child has not tried first.

Discover. Eat Well. Allergy-Free.

Good dog treats play an essential role in healthy eating. First, it’s a great opportunity for including another nutrient-dense food such as a whole grain, lean protein, low-fat, or fruit/vegetable. Second, it can be an excellent tool for getting your dog to stay at a healthy weight. By fitting some of the healthiest snacks in between their meals, you can avoid reaching the point of your dog being overly hungry and still be healthy.

Try to include a source of fiber through whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to help stay full longer from your in-between meal bite.

Sources of protein can be great to include in your snack as well to satisfy your hunger quickly.

Plan your snacks ahead of time. Think of your nutrition goals before hitting the pet store and plan 2-3 options for the week to keep on your plan for health.

This will help you to avoid choosing snacks at the last minute.

If your pets are suffering from skin allergies, watch the below video to learn some helpful home remedies to cure their itch!