Good Fat, Bad Fat

Fat can get such a bad rap, and as a dietitian in pains me when people avoid things like avocado because “they’re so fatty” or automatically reach for anything listed as “fat free” in the grocery aisles regardless the nutrition of the food. Fat can be great for you- it makes our food taste good,… Continue reading Good Fat, Bad Fat

Is Coconut A Nut?

I have come across this curious question over the past few weeks.  I noticed that some of the manufacturers of foods that we have been sampling  have been informing us that their facilities are nut free except for coconut. Initially, I thought, coconut is not a tree nut so why is this relevant?  I decided… Continue reading Is Coconut A Nut?


How It Started I started Tasterie, I’ll be honest – mainly out of frustration. I was a pediatrician and a mom of a toy poodle puppy that had allergies. It was simply too tiring to keep finding find food that I could introduce him to. The lack of allergy-safe and great-tasting dog food products available… Continue reading About