Allergen Superheroes; Educational institutions accommodating allergy concerns

Allergen Superheroes; Educational institutions accommodating allergy concerns

Good news–Moving Forward! Allergy concerns are being recognized more and more by institutions. Progress is real. Real life accommodations are expanding the allergen-friendly food options beyond the traditionally limited foods for allergen students. Educational institutions’ efforts are making their environment inclusive for their entire student body. Awareness and severity of food allergens has been recognized for quite some time. However, it is exhilarating to see educational institutions accommodating allergy concerns at a higher level.  Now, having an enjoyable meal out with friends can be much more relaxing in a more aware allergen zone.

Many educational institutions, childcare facilities to colleges, are driving the bat-mobile towards progressive allergen-friendly policies. Stephanie Daetwyler, director of Primrose School of Solon told Cleveland Jewish News “…we don’t even use them (allergens) in our art projects”.

Whereas, for college students, Assumption College’s 2016 renovations built in a ‘Simple Servings’ program­­—specific allergen-free food stations and designated safe-seating. While the kitchen staff at Clark University received special training in food allergies, intolerances and celiac disease.

Pow Wow Batman! Whether you are young or older, these kinds  of superhero actions are what we want to celebrate! Yes, avoiding the top 8 allergen foods alleviates fears of cross-contact. Why not make that an inclusive experience while we eat our “super” foods?  

Do you have a superhero success story that you’d like to share with us? Can you think of other ways that educational institutions can accommodate allergy concerns? We can’t wait to read your comments below.

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