Why does Tasterie trust Svelte’s product line for being Allergen Friendly?

I understand that Svelte’s product line is made by a family-owned company.  I’m certain the company is rich with history! What’s the backstory on how Svelte was started? What were the foundational needs this product line set out to fulfill?

Svelte® plant-based protein shakes started as part of a leading natural foods company with more than 37 years of experience in innovation and excellence. In 2009, Svelte® organic protein shakes were created under the CalNaturale brand.

Svelte® set out with the mission to improve the health and wellness of consumers by creating the best-tasting, convenient foods at a great value, without compromising on quality or the environment. Svelte® is now an independently run business under the same ownership.


Tasterie embraces Svelte for catering to the allergen community with such a tasty and healthy product line. Is being allergen friendly one of your core values? Can you speak to Svelte’s trials and tribulations of finding the balance between healthy, tasty and gluten / dairy free? 

Svelte®’s goal has always been to deliver healthy products with outstanding flavor. Using organic soy milk as a base, we were able to accomplish this! Soy milk has been shown in numerous studies to be beneficial to many aspects of human health.

  • Soy is better for people with lactose intolerance.
  • Unlike whey protein, soy has no cholesterol.
  • Additionally, soy protein is vegan.

Being allergen friendly is important as it makes Svelte® accessible to a majority of consumers looking for convenient and nutritious options on the go.


I’m amazed at your website’s vast selection of recipes incorporating Svelte products!  Which recipe(s) are the most popular for a non-dairy milk replacer (not to mention a protein boost)?

Svelte® plant-based protein shakes are a wonderful addition to recipes and a healthy way to mix things up! Fans love using Svelte® as a creamy base to boost their smoothies, as a non-dairy replacement for milk in recipes, and as a low sugar protein source.

Some of our most popular recipes include 3-ingredient protein pancakes, vegan golden milk lattes, and blender banana nice cream.


Is there something else that you’d like the members of our community to know about Svelte?

While Svelte® is all about nutrition and flavor, we also prioritize sustainability. Our Tetra Pak packaging is made mainly from paper, a renewable resource from responsibly managed forests. Tetra Pak cartons are BPA-free, lightweight for easy shipping, shelf stable requiring no refrigeration until opened, and can be recycled in a number of communities nationwide.

Furthermore, Svelte®’s manufacturer has a number of protocols in place to reclaim and reuse water, reduce landfill waste, increase recycling efforts, reduce timber consumption, and reduce the use of sanitizing chemicals.

Svelte, thank you for you time and dedication for making such a healthy and tasty product line. Tasterie’s allergen community has definitely appreciated Svelte’s great tasting products in our Gluten Free Dairy Free and our Gluten Free subscription boxes! In addition to finding Svelte products in our subscription boxes, you can order them from Tasterie’s very own Marketplace! With all we’ve learned from speaking with you, we look forward to enjoying your products even more.

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