What happens when chefs have food allergies?

The allergen community is in the midst of exciting times. The spread of food allergies has encroached on a new boundary which is certain to turn up the heat. What better way to improve our food choices than through chefs?  

There is a positive perspective to consider for the growing population of people affected by food allergies. Influential culinary professionals have the ability to make substantial lifestyle improvements for us. Having chefs and restaurant owners with personal food allergy concerns is a sound road map to;  

  • Increase public’s allergen awareness and understanding for potential severity
  • Develop standard processes for restaurants to reduce cross contamination
  • Improve customer inclusiveness & dining experience for those affected by food allergies
  • Expand allergen friendly menu options with innovative recipes

The concept of businesses and the general public awakening to concerns of the food allergy community is a growing trend. Please take a look at our article about schools that are making allergen friendly accommodations; alleviating cross contamination and making the dining experience more inclusive for everyone.

Tasterie goes the extra mile to give the allergen community peace of mind with a healthy dose of excitement in a variety of foods. Take a look at our process for screening the products that go into our marketplace & subscription boxes.  

We are anticipating great lifestyle improvements and allergy acceptance due to chefs with food allergies.

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