Nickel; a partial cost and cause of eczema

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Reading through some interesting articles about metal allergies, one stood out… nickel allergy. Ruth Holroyd’s article highlights  nickel’s potential to be one of the root causes of eczema; itchiness and sensitivity of the skin.

Nickel, the most common metal allergy, is naturally found in many foods (eg. dried legumes, kale, chocolate, etc) and is an essential element in our diet. However, for some people, excessive exposure and/or digestion of nickel can trigger allergic reactions. It’s also frequently found in costume jewelry and various metal objects i.e. canned foods, etc. Inquire with your medical professional to see if the following points of interest could improve your situation. A general rule of thumb is to avoid eating specific high nickel content foods, canned foods and using certain types of cookware.


The eczema and nickel connection is not a clear line. Metal allergies can also cause other symptoms such as rashes and swelling. And to complicate the matter, eczema is also said to have a number of other potential triggers. Other sources for causing eczema have been directed towards genetics, environment or abnormal function of the immune system. Ruling out nickel as a potential cause of eczema could reap lucrative health benefits.

Do you have nickel sensitivity? Please leave a comment below to share what remedies you’ve found alleviate your eczema discomfort. For more allergy information, check out our Food Allergy Fact section. 

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