Back to School Grab ‘n Go!

Tasterie is committed to providing all of our customers with peace of mind, we know it’s tough to find safe snacks that accommodate your allergy needs. That’s why we created the Allergen Friendly Grab ‘n Go box!

This box was created for the busy lifestyle in mind, it is perfect for camping, office life, care packages, or just to have around the house when feeling “snackish”. Included in the Allergen Friendly Grab ‘n Go box are top requested items by our community!

All items included are Top 8 allergen safe (fish, wheat, eggs, peanuts, dairy, soy, shell fish, and tree nuts)

Some items include (but not limited to)


Protein bars


fruit snacks

meal cups

Safe Snacks Anywhere!

Have peace of mind that your snacks won’t get you sick. Back to school is a stressful time, don’t let your food add to the learning curve of adapting to classes. In addition to being healthy, the Allergen Friendly Grab ‘n Go box has the best tasting snacks to fit your busy life, quick filling goodies to satisfy your mid-day hunger. Tasterie has reached out to “home-grown” manufacturers that take pride in creating allergen safe food that anyone will enjoy, giving representation to smaller brands helps you learn what else you can eat and enjoy. By showcasing these brands we hope to grow and bring prominence to the needs of the allergen safe community that don’t’ necessarily have a voice.

Because all of our manufacturers are required to fill out an “allergen statement” qualifying them to be part of Tasterie, we only accept the safest and best tasting snacks.

The snacks provided have minimal additives and are as close to fresh as you can get! We want everyone to be able to enjoy Tasterie, and so it is our goal to find the best tasting and safest snacks to for you!

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