Our Mission

Discover tastes that meet your dietary restriction

I built Tasterie to find delicious foods and snacks that I would want my family to enjoy as well. We want you to eat healthy and flavorful no matter what restrictions you might have on your diet. We scour the world to find incredible food that should be on your daily plate. Each TasterieBox is curated based on your dietary preferences. Our Snack Boxes are filled with great grab and go snack options that are easy to take on trips, vacation or to help pack a healthy lunch. Our Signature Boxes have foods and snacks that include full size meal replacements, power snacks, sample treats and a dessert for that sweet tooth! They also include delicious recipes, health tips, and links to other amazing things to tune your diet and treat your palette simultaneously

Tasterie mission

Food that is safe

There is nothing we care for more than the safety of you and your children. You can trust that we put every single product and producer through a rigorous screening process before including them in a TasterieBox. We start with labels, conduct phone interviews with manufacturers, produce a comprehensive questionnaire that addresses all aspects of their ingredients, manufacturing techniques, other foods produced in the facility etc. We treat food allergy safety as no simple matter! Every TasterieBox item is carefully sourced by our team of physicians and nutritionists. You also receive detailed information on the contents in the box. Please contact us if you wish to get further details on the rigorous food screening protocol we employ.

We want to serve you

We promise you that each month you will receive much more than your money’s worth in your carefully curated TasterieBox. Boxes start at $18. You can pause or cancel anytime, and we’ll happily issue a refund if you’re not 100% satisfied.

In community, we believe

For every TasterieBox that ships out, we donate to feed the hungry to share some of what we enjoy with others. We currently donate to the Greater Boston Food Bank. We are honored to be a part of this wonderful community that not only believes in healthy eating but also cares deeply about the needs of others around them. Our friends and fans on our Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest guide us towards causes they care about – and when we can, we join them as well. Tell us what you are passionate about!